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MAVKA: The forest song

Timing: 90 mins


Genre: fantasy, lovestory, comedy

Language: English, Ukrainian 


Mavka — a Soul of the Forest and its Warden — faces an impossible choice between love and her duty as guardian to the Heart of the Forest, when she falls in love with a human — the talented young musician Lukas.


The project is based on a drama ‘The Forest Song’ by Lesya Ukrainka, as well on the images of Slavic mythology. The heroes and themes elaborated in the story will appeal to the widest audience around the world, but its authentic Ukrainian charm will bring something new to the animation genre. The plot of Mavka will catch the attention of both adults and children, either with its spirit and originality, or with humor and adventures.

Production: Animagrad & FILM.UA
Producers: Iryna Kostyuk, Anna Eliseeva, Egor Olesov
Director: Oleg Malamuzh, Oleksandra Ruban


TRAILER Ua           



New York          May 13-14


Brooklyn,NY       July 18

Miami               June 3 


Chicago           May 


                      July 13

Washington D.C.  June 24

                        June 24

Fairfax, VA          June 25

San Diego          July 1

Los Angeles         July 2

Philadelphia        June 18

Seattle                 July 2

Boston               June 11


Denver               June 17


Atlanta               May 31

San Francisco      June 3-17

Palo Alto,CA       June 17   


Dallas                June 18      


Santa Cruz          June 18  


Portland,OR         June 12

Scottsdale,AZ       June 24


Sarasota,FL          June 28


Orlando              July 1


Tampa                July 8


Indianapolis         June 25

Sacramento          July 9

Jacksonville          June 28

Las Vegas            June 27

Minneapolis         July 2

Oakland              July 16

Raleigh,NC          July 25





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