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Taste of Freedom

Genre: drama, comedy, culinary, fantasy 

Synopsis: Varya is a young aspiring cook who runs away from her small Ukrainian village to prove herself as the head chef of a prestigious European restaurant. She experiences a series of spectacular failures until she finds an old cookbook by Olga Franko, a renowned female chef and activist who was forbidden to cook during Soviet times. As Varya works her way through the book’s recipes, the ghost of Olga Franko appears and encourages her to uncover the culinary secrets of her heritage. However, Olga warns Varya that once she masters the recipes, she will have to choose between the life she always wanted and the culinary roots she wanted to leave behind.

Timing: - 117 mins

Country: Ukraine

Language: Ukrainian with English subtitles.

Age restrictions: 0+


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Brooklyn - April 25
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