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just sex and Nothing personal.

When Serhiy asks his girlfriend to marry him, he is met with a sound rebuff and an unflattering critique of his poor performance in bed. Broken-hearted and with his world almost falling apart, Serhiy takes a macho decision to spend the New Year holiday with his friend, Vasyl in Prague. After a fairly dismal night in a strip club, Serhiy meets striptease dancer, Diana who offers to show him the way to become a sex super hero. But his ex-girlfriend seems to be standing in the way of realising his dream. We follow Serhiy’s further hot – and ever hotter - adventures in Prague.

Genre: romantic comedy

Year of production: 2018

Duration: 98 minutes

Directed by:Olga Ryashina

Written by:Sergey Pritula, Vitaliy Tylnuy, Valentin Sergiychuk, Vladimir Zhoglo, Vladimir Kovtsun

Producers: Yuriy Minzyanov , Vlad Riashyn

Cast: Roman Lutskiy, Angelika Nikolaeva, Natalya Mazur, Sergey Pritula, Andrey Danilko

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