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Timing: 120 mins


Genre: Historical action adventure

​Production companies: PRONTO FILM

‘Dovbush’ – exclusive screenings of the largest and most epic Ukrainian film on the big screens of the USA!

Synopsis: Carpathians. Beginning of the 18th century. The brutal rule of the Polish nobility forces Hutsuls to flee to the mountains. Two brothers, Oleksa and Ivan Dovbush, find themselves to be outlaws and become opryshoks. In search of revenge on the lords for the murder of Dovbush's parents, the brothers become enemies of each other. One yearns for money, the other for justice. Hutsuls start a rebellion led by Oleksa. The nobility does everything possible to destroy Dovbush. But he outwits them. So the legend of the Carpathian knight spread. A legend that inspires generations of those who fight for the freedom of their native land. About the strength and love of Oleksa Dovbush, about betrayal and wrongdoing. About how he lived and how he cheated death.

Films in Ukrainian WITH English subtitles


Director: Oles Sanin

Produced by Maksym Asadchyi, Oles Sanin

Co-producers: Danylo Bilak


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