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Timing: 90 mins


Genre: comedy 


​Production companies: FILM UA Group

Synopsis: This story is about uniting and becoming a powerful force in the face of a common threat, despite all the differences of one’s lifestyle and principles. The film tells the story of the Nalyvaichenkos and the Drahomanovs families, who decide to have a barbecue outing one sunny day. One family plans to have a loud and raucous feast, while the other wants to reconnect with nature. But they have a problem: it’s the same meadow that both families like as the spot for their picnic. Will they be able to find a compromise?


Director: Oleh Zborovskyii


Cast: Yurii Tkach (Tolia Nalyvaichenko), Olena Kravets (Tetiana Drahomanova), Andrii Isaienko (Yevhen Drahomanov), Iryna Hatun (Raia Nalyvaichenko), Mykhailo Zhonin (Stepan Khomiak), Oleksii Zavhorodnii/Pozytyv (Hena), Illia Paladin (Yaroslav Drahomanov), Marho Krupina-Binkovska (Liza Drahomanova), Veronika Lukianenko (Mariana Nalyvaichenko), Aleks Berezovskyi (Denyska Nalyvaichenko), Valerii Shvets (Valerianych), Vladyslav Pysarenko (Hrysha).

Cameo appearances: VERKA SERDUCHKA and her Mom, Andrii Piatov, Yevhen Konoplianka


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